Kentucky’s Area Development Districts have partnered with the U.S. Economic Development Administration, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Governor’s Office of Agriculture Policy, and Kentucky Agricultural Council to launch the Kentucky Agricultural Development Information System (KADIS).

The project is funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund and is carried out by the state’s 15 area development districts.

KADIS includes the state’s first interactive agricultural asset map, designed to identify agricultural trends within the state, plan for disaster mitigation, and drive economic development efforts. KADIS allows users to access statewide data and data specific to their area, featuring a wide range of information, from farmers’ markets and orchards to processing facilities.



KADIS provides a useful tool for consumers interested in exploring agricultural assets throughout the state and in their own backyard. Whether you are looking for farms that sell locally, restaurants that source local produce, or Kentucky Proud producers in your area, KADIS can be your one stop resource. KADIS also hosts an innovative farmers’ market tool where markets can update what products will be at market each day, allowing shoppers to see what is available before ever leaving home.

Economic Development

KADIS provides a beneficial resource to economic developers who desire to invest in agricultural ventures throughout the Commonwealth. In addition to the extensive database of existing agricultural resources, KADIS also integrates various state and national data layers (USDA, etc.) to provide an analytical tool for local governments and economic developers planning to pursue new projects.


KADIS offers a valuable tool for farmers wishing to expand production and/or increase marketability. In addition to offering free advertising for farmers who wish to promote themselves via the interactive mapping portal, KADIS also hosts an innovative tool (similar to the KADIS farmers’ market tool) to help increase market access. This tool is specifically designed to help farmers promote their available products by connecting with purchasers (restaurants, institutions, grocers, etc.) wanting to source local foods.

Food Service Providers

KADIS serves as a useful resource for food service establishments and institutions throughout the Commonwealth. By utilizing the same tool available to famers, food purchasers of all types are able to advertise the types of products they need and search among local farms to fill this demand. From restaurants, to educational institutions, to non-profit food banks, KADIS is able to connect producers and consumers, thereby stimulating local economies