Who owns KADIS?

KADIS is a project of the 15 state-wide Area Development Districts (ADDs).  ADDs missions are to “foster regional strategies, solutions and partnerships that achieve sustainable economic growth and improve the overall quality of life for the citizens of Kentucky.”


What are the benefits of signing up?

KADIS is a no-obligation open access site that has the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of users everyday.  KADIS can help you rethink how you conduct your business.  From sourcing locally to finding new markets, this site can help identify what’s out there.


How often is the site updated?

This project started in the spring of 2014.  All of our data is current.  We have included Date Created and Date Modified information.  If the date seems outdated, we encourage users to reach out to the company to make sure they are still operating.


How accurate is the information?

Our research methods include researching existing databases, conducting electronic searches, and interviewing local officials.  We hope that we have the most current and accurate data available, but if for some reason we missed the mark, please contact us so that we can update our files.


How do I get added to the database?

Click on the register my business tab or contact your ADD by email, phone, or fax


Will my information be made public?

YES – this project is open to anyone and everyone.  There is data that we collect that we do not put on the website that is useful for economic development projects.  If there is additional data that you would like, please contact us.

What’s the catch?

No catch – We’re just a group of non-profit organizations trying to bolster the agriculture sector of Kentucky’s economy.